A dream home with AC's soulfully crafted luxury furniture range

A dream home with AC's soulfully crafted luxury furniture range

Every nook and corner of the world has a unique culture and each of these cultures has its own identity. Collecting bits and pieces of this rich heritage, the Art collection brings to you a brew of luxury furniture which is uniquely bound by aesthetics.


We believe that every element you add to your homes has something to say about you. With the Art Collections' exquisite home furnishing range, your dream home will be a reality. From a vast collection of Sofa Beds, Sofas, paintings to home decor, we bring to you end to end interior design services. Change the rhythm of your living space with luxury furniture from the finest luxury furniture stores in Kolkata.


At the Art Collection, every element has a story of its own, we believe in creating a space that has its characteristics and voice. The Art Collection provides top-notch interior designing services. We add life to your space, with the right elements and perfect furnishing. The Art Collection is one of the most-known home decor, furniture stores in Kolkata.


Art Collections' main focus is attention to detail. For in-depth understanding, we perform site visits and study the space to visualize your ideal home. Our certified designers help to set up the interiors from scratch. In the end-to-end Interior design service, we work towards building your home with the finest luxury furniture and home accessories from the Art Collection.


Our designs and patterns are fascinating and will always be beyond just designs and colors. We pull together different strings and craft elegance with excellence. At the Art Collection, our goal is to help you find yourself in this lost world. So by blending dreams with charm, we bring to you the classic spread of luxury furnishing, decor, designs and patterns to choose from!

To know more about our different collections, contact us on +91 9674930616 or visit our website You can also visit our store at 30B Orphangunge Road, Kolkata – 700023.