Art and Artist : An Inspiration for Big Canvas

Art and Artist : An Inspiration for Big Canvas

The ecosystem which is the art world, is infamous for its mischievous opacity, it’s opulent exhibitions and it’s elite group of loyal collectors. Together they weave a $65 billion dollar global industry which seems to be restricted to a limited audience. According to the chief scientist, Hugo Liu, at Artsy, the imperceptible growth of the art market is not because art isn’t popular, or that it is too expensive. It may be because of the lack of trust in and understanding of the valuation of art and the interaction between the market, customers and the artist.

In 2015, Robert Ryman’s all white painting was sold for a staggering $20.6 million at a Christie’s auction. The minimalist art attracted a lot of attention and impersonal criticism for only one reason; why did Ryman’s painting sell and another artist’s all-white painting didn’t even make it to the gallery? One explanation that can be used to unravel the mysteries of the all-white painting could be that people do not understand art like they understand any other form of business and investment.

Robert Rayman's Bridge. Source : Christie's

Artists are professionals who take years to hone their craft and art is more than picking up a brush and covering a canvas with paint. When an art sells for millions, more often than not it is the manifestation of the reaches of a renowned gallery, an enthusiastic PR agency,years of strategic reputation building and market anticipation. Art like any other business, requires patience, trust and confidence. Stigmas circling the art world about exclusivity and the profession often being dismissed as a hobby, renders the field somewhat incapable of growing in size and value. Should emerging artists be discouraged by such roadblocks? We think not. To demystify the art world, we need to foster a deeper understanding of the art, the artists and the market.

Big Canvas by Art Collection is our passion project to support local artists known for the quality of their language and their devotion to the craft. It is our attempt to bridge the gap between the viewers and the artists. We believe in making these local artists more accessible to the audience by providing them a bigger platform and bringing their art into homes. However, we do not steer away from our focus on encouraging a new generation of collectors that have a broader outlook on the world of art.

Through strategic collaboration and digital content we bring to you the works of talented artists. Whether you are looking to discover new local artists, commission an artwork or accentuate an otherwise muted space, Big Canvas is your portal.