Embracing The Indoors Lifestyle

Embracing The Indoors Lifestyle

Who would have thought that the whole country, the whole world would sit at their homes to fight a pandemic that is threatening humanity? ‘Stay home, stay safe’ is a phrase that is not just the mantra for India or any other country, but for the entire world. But it’s the easiest way to make sure we get rid of this virus. COVID-19, a virus has been spreading throughout the world in the last couple of months, making the world come to a screeching halt. Proper hygiene and social distancing are the two ways to fight this pandemic.

This outbreak will leave a permanent mark on everyone individually and combined, across the world. From the economy, to trade relations to personal lives have altered completely because of the pandemic. This crisis is bound to bring about a lot of changes to this already ever changing world, as everyone from the east to the west has been forced to come to a standstill, get back inside their homes and practice social distancing in the times of co-working spaces. Of course, this would seem to be much more difficult without our cellphones and laptops with high internet connection.

Virtually, we’re all connected and doing our best to function as normally as possible with multiple video calls, texting, binge watching content on Netflix and resorting to scrolling on social media to pass our time. But as connected as we are virtually, the connection with nature and being able to breathe fresh air in the open, having the opportunity to go to the beach and dip our toes in the cooling waters or trekking deep into the forest to gather around a bonfire with your loved ones, can obviously never be replaced with anything else.

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The value of sensorial pleasure is craved by all humans right now. Experiencing and exploring things in person has never had more value to the human race. However, now is not the time to be out there. The only way to flatten the curve is by staying indoors. But what if you had the option of recreating your own personal forest in the middle of your living room with luxury living room furniture ? Or finding nature’s quest in your home in such a manner that it calms your mind, brings you peace and makes you feel like you’re on that vacation you always wanted? Staying at a place all day when it feels like lying at the beach with your favourite drink, while at the comfort of your loving home, the safest place in the world doesn’t sound all that bad.

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