Kolkata – Where Art Meets Design

Kolkata – Where Art Meets Design

Kolkata has always been one of those cities that’s given ample attention to art, craft and culture. A city of poets, artists, dancers, writers, artisans and more, Kolkata has been and continues to be the cultural capital of India. Creativity does not just restrict to paintings and books but extends to every field. Luxury furniture and designer decor have taken a few lessons from the rich art scene of Kolkata and evolved into a merger between art and design.

The evolution of furniture in India occurred after the European influence in the 1600s. In India, furniture was limited to royalty as Indian culture promoted sleeping and eating on the floor. With the invasion of the country by European powers, furniture became common, owing to the number of Europeans settling down in the country. The furniture was created by Indians using Indian materials and European designs, resulting in furniture that was a mix of European and Indian influence.

Over the years, the world moved from hand-made furniture to mass-produced furniture which would be ready-made and easily available but also compromised on originality, exclusivity and unique designs. However, as more people are paying intricate attention to their home decor, in terms of art and design, they are on the lookout for exclusive and customised pieces of furniture.

Furniture is no longer just limited to generic, lifeless pieces that are used for functional purposes. Today, high end designer furniture consists of pieces that are heavily customised, exclusive and with a hint of personalisation. The idea is to create furniture where design and art could merge both aesthetically and functionally. Instead of being a lifeless piece of wood, these pieces make a room come alive.

Art Collection is a luxury furniture store in Kolkata that has been exploring and finding new methods to create furnishings that stand out. We explore to collaborate with various artists practicing art here in Kolkata to form different collections, each with its unique story, emotion and character. Explore our chic, sophisticated and exceptional collections by visiting our store or visit