LA CASA X NAMA HOME : A Design Renaissance

LA CASA X NAMA HOME : A Design Renaissance

When art met revolution, the Middle Age Renaissance was born. There was a rebirth of art and culture which marked the transition from the Middle Ages to modernity. The movementnot only brought about a visual transformation, but also a social and mindset change.

While design is an offspring of art, minimalism in its truest sense is quite the opposite of what the Renaissance brought to the table. La Casa X Nama Home is a ground-breaking collaboration between two design pioneers which aims to bring a revolution to the world of furniture design. Your home is your sanctuary and each element of it should add a touch of calm to it.

Inspired by the subtlety of the modern world, La Casa imbibes contemporary minimalism at its very core – a style inherited from its parent brand, Art Collection.

Namit Khanna, the brain behind Nama Home, believes in the phrase “Less is more” which is reflected in the minimalism and elegance of his products. An alum of Domus Academy, Milan, Khanna is a design wiz.

Being of Indian origin, both La Casa and Nama Home believe in gaining inspiration from global trends and utilising Indian ideologies and materials to create designs. Inherently local, the products of this collaboration speak an international dialogue. With metal at the helm of the production, these pieces have been created to free spaces of clutter and let design speak for itself.

Nama Home has been nominated for the prestigious title of Elle Décor’s Furniture of the Year 2020.

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