Planning on buying a wall painting? Here's what you need to know

Planning on buying a wall painting? Here's what you need to know

The living room or, any room in your home looks elegant and exclusive when you include a painting in your decor. It is needless to point out that a painting can truly transform a room and also be the focal point, if chosen well. The paintings not only speak volumes about your personal sense of style, your love for art, but also your personality. A painting which is well chosen can truly bring out the inner art connoisseur in you.  The painting not only impresses the guests but also adds aesthetic value to your whole room, and home in general. So, if you are now planning on buying wall painting in Kolkata, you should keep these pointers in mind.

Things to keep in mind before buying a wall painting:

Locating the ideal position:

Before you rush to buy any painting or, paintings, you must sit down and take a good look around the room and then decide where do you want to place the painting. Buying a wall painting can be a good investment, so you should definitely select the right spot where you can showcase the painting with all its glory. If your wall is already cramped with wall arts, and other decor pieces then you should make room for your painting first. Do not stuff it with other items, and do not put it in a corner where it will not receive light and also attention. Find the ideal position in the living room, or, in other rooms where the wall painting could be displayed in a way that would enhance the aesthetic value of the room. Before you buy home decoration items online, you should follow this rule as well.

There should be a chemistry:

When you buy a wall painting in Kolkata, you have to keep in mind the fact that the painting is not going to be an isolated item on the wall or, in the room. No, this is another element in your home decor that should be incorporated with much thought. The painting must have the right chemistry with the other elements in the room including the luxury living room furniture. Either the painting must create a stark contrast with other items and be the focal point in the room, or, it should sync well with the rest of the items and complement the rest.  Imagine there being a white wall and furniture and other decor items are in neutral colours as well, so in such a setting a painting which has a dark tone can immediately create a stark contrast. Likewise, in a room where everything is colourful, having a vividly colourful landscape can create a symmetry.

What should be the size of the painting?

Just the way you keep the size rule in mind when you decide to purchase home decoration items online, you should follow the same rule when you buy the wall painting. You might feel tempted to buy a certain piece, but always decide the right size for your living room.  Too big a painting or, too small would only disrupt the look of the room. So, you should not make a hasty decision and make sure you are optimizing your space before you buy the painting.  Also choose the frame of the painting carefully, you can opt for wooden frames or, metallic frames, but before taking that decision you should keep the painting, and the overall theme in mind. If you have luxury living room furniture made of wood, then you might want to opt for a wood frame.

What kind of painting you want to opt for?

It is of utmost importance to decide what kind of painting would you like to have on the walls of your rooms. While searching for wall painting in Kolkata, you should also know what kind of painting would you settle for. If your home  decor is traditional then you should most definitely choose something accordingly, on the other hand if your decor is contemporary then something modern would be nice. You should do some research to learn about different paintings, for example, if you want something realistic then maybe opting for the representational art would be the right choice, or, else you can always opt for an abstract painting to complement your modern decor.

Now that you have a clear idea regarding how to approach, you would definitely be able to find that perfect painting for your home.  Keep these pointers in mind before you invest your money.