The Sofas of Tomorrow

The Sofas of Tomorrow

One of the most significant inventions that drew a line between luxury and necessity in the early 1700s was the sofa. A luxury product meant for the elite societies, mostly in the western world. It has evolved from those times to become an indispensable piece of furniture in every parlour or living room. Today, we see extravagant couches in every home and luxury sofas in Kolkata is a common sight.

This piece of furniture has an extremely diversified personality, primarily because of the different cultures and values. A couch made in France would differ vastly from one made in Scandinavia. Sofas today can be classified into so many types, based on the material, the style, the purpose, etc.

In recent years, there has been a huge change in the way we live owing to rapid urbanization, which has led people to move into cities in unimaginable proportions. The new Urbanscape consists of small houses in cities occupied by nuclear families. This change in environment has compelled manufacturers to consider new needs and preferences of the people, and include these considerations while designing luxury living room furniture for people. The people are now becoming more used to smart objects, objects that make their lives easier by being functional and most importantly, save space while being aesthetic.

In many cities of India, for example Mumbai, the price of a house is so expensive that people usually prefer moving into very small houses, these homes have to be very functional due to space constraints. There are tons of solutions in the market that are specifically designed for such compact living.

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Keeping in mind the needs of these new dwellers, AC has collaborated with Innovation Living, A Danish brand that believes in expanding living space through furniture design. The minimalistic yet chic modern sofa cum bed  is the amalgamation of functionality, style and utmost comfort. These designs go well with modern spaces and add an edge of class to your home or office. Led by Per Weiss as Chief Design Officer who has been the driving force behind the creative development of the collections inspired by Scandinavian design.

Art Collection, a popular designer furniture store in Kolkata has been dealing with Innovation Living for a while now. Known for its collection of designer sofa beds in Kolkata, Art Collection highly recommends choosing the functional and comfortable Innovation Living sofas for your modern space. Visit to check out the collection.

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