Scars of God

Rs. 55,000.00

Drawn to exploring the inexplicable existence of life, consciousness and uncanny balance of nature, Samir Chanda uses a wide range of colors and intuitive geometry that come together harmoniously. It is within this harmony that we see the shapes transforming into facial and line compositions that are abstracted yet balanced. The artist hopes to inspire philosophical questions in the viewer, all those questions that arise like waves of oceans and then submerge with the buzz of smartphones and the murmur of the mundane.


Abstract, Geometrical Painting, Faces


Acrylic on canvas


Warm colors, Bright hues






Samir Chanda, Original work 2020

About The Artist

Samir Chanda is a burgeoning artist and graphic designer, born and brought up in Kolkata, India. His abstract works are characterised by extensive use of colors and use faces as the primary subject matter. Samir has been inspired by Jogen Chowdhary, Somanth Hore and Jagannath Paul. He holds a graduate degree in Visual Arts from Calcutta University. Born in 1980, Samir has been honing his work for over 23 years now . He has exhibitted his works at India Art Fair, ICCR Kolkata, Genisis Art Gallery, Art Mela, among many more solo and group exhibitions.


The work comes with a certificate of authentication signed by the artist and the founder of Art Collection.

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