Our Story

Our Story


Meet our Founder 

After years of working as an interior designer on high-end residential and corporate projects across the city, Mr. Amit Choudhary decided to venture out and create his own niche in the market with a small flagship store in 1999 that displayed unique and lavish items for interior decoration. This small store which is now an infamous hub of designer furniture was called Art Collection.

2005 - 2010

The Journey of Art Collection

Back in the late 90s, Mr Choudhary took upon the task to blur the lines between luxury and functionality. He started small, with our first store at Orphangunje Road, where he would bring his vision to life. At that time Calcutta was aloof from the idea of buying ergonomic furniture. The main source of supply were carpenters that were signed up on contract basis.

Changing that culture and guiding people to choose different was frisky but he managed to eventually send the message across. Over the years, he worked with some of the best clubs in Calcutta; Saturday club, Ordnance club, Hindustan club, to name a few. Not just selling furniture but giving them the much needed consultancy about design, luxury and personalisation.


The Establishment of La Casa

After establishing Art Collection as a pioneer in the home furnishing sector, Mr. Amit Choudhary set forth to using his conceptual designs for home decor and accessories, launching Lacasa.

La Casa is inspired by the greens of nature and subtlety of the modern world and driven by the vision to 'create and curate'. It is one of the biggest stores of its kind, in India. Mr. Choudhary believes a house looks complete only by piecing the puzzle perfectly. With that La Casa under AC aims to be a one-stop solution to all furniture, accessories and everything in between.


The Birth of AC&AC

We have always wanted to help customers visualize their living spaces as an extension of themselves. In 2014, Aman Choudhary introduced AC & AC, a design studio, to provide clients with professional assistance to redecorate their houses and update it with the new trends.

Aman loves designing experiences and interactions, and that is what AC & AC is all about. It is a trailblazing approach to concept design and interior decoration. It aims to furnish a concept for the entire house right up the customer’s alley - ranging from loose furniture to soft furnishings, to provide a synchronized look.


Art Collection has collaborated with some of the world's best companies and artists to create designs that are unique, functional and aesthetic. We collaborated with Innovation Living, a Danish furniture making company that believes design and comfort goes hand-in-hand, they specialize in sofa-beds for compact spaces for modern urban residences.

Another brand that we are glad to collaborate with is M&D, an Italian company famous for their exclusive leather sofas. Born in Italy, this brand worships craftsmanship and quality.


The Inauguration of The Bedroom

The Bedroom by AC, Art Collection's freshest venture, is a showroom devoted exclusively for bedrooms. It is the biggest collection of bedroom furniture in the city, each piece designed to perfection and made of the highest quality materials.

Our beds are intended to make the room look progressively comfortable without removing the extravagance from it.


Becoming a part of ABID

Art Collection was awarded "The Best Designed Stall" at Abid, 2020; where we launched our Cuprum, Midas and Himalayan Breeze collection. The launch was an amalgamation of both art and fashion. A unique event was orchestrated to showcase the interplay between the two.

The exhibition was a huge success and a firm validation about the things we were doing here in Kolkata. Our 3 hand painted collections were highly appreciated by everybody and are on display at our flagship store.

Art Collection Introduction Video