Ghoom Station II

Rs. 10,200.00

Avidip began his new body of work - Darjeeling Series- during his travel there. The artist is particularly attracted to the city's colonial architecture that is guarded by mountains and pine trees. It is these structures, narrow geographical strip surrounded by slopes and tea plantations that made Darjeeling a summer resort for the British elite during the Raj. Through his paintings, Avidip aimed at capturing an almost comic charm of the place.


Cityscape, urban sketch


Pen, ink and watercolor on paper


Warm colors, dark tones


7.3" x 8.3"

Mounted : 12.2" x 11.2"




Avidip Kundu, Original work 2020

About The Artist

Avidip Kundu is an urban sketcher who lives and works from his studio in Kolkata. Through pen, ink and watercolors, he paints the heritage and culture of places he travels to. He is quite often seen capturing small lanes of Kolkata, his place of birth. Lawyer turned artist, he is on a mission to perfect live urban sketching.


The work comes with a certificate of authentication signed by the artist and the founder of Art Collection.

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