Rs. 150,000.00

Legacy is a sofa which is well suited to a formal as well as informal living space. The unique shape makes it a great choice for small spaces.

Colors Available:

Cedar             Light Grey     Teal                  White
Mushroom    Oxford Blue   Sky Blue         Tan


Real Italian Leather


Formal (3+2+1+1), Static Model.

Care Tips

Making the most of your leather product for many years is very simple, you just have to follow a couple of very useful tips: 

  1. According to the type of finish, leather is more or less sensitive to heat and light, for this reason the leather product should not be placed in places that expose it directly to the sun's rays or natural phenomena such as rain, wind, etc. Nor should it be placed near heat sources such as fireplaces or radiators.
  2. Leather is a resistant material but avoid exposing it to possible physical aggressions with pointed objects, pets, rubbing against rough fabrics, buckles, rivets and any possible aggression that damages the beauty of your product.
  3. We have always worked with the best leathers for many years.
  4. Each of our products reflects our knowledge of world trends in decoration and guarantees our customers to always be at the forefront.


We offer customization as per your needs and various other color options available on request. Kindly contact us to know more. Thank you.