Green Lush

Rs. 35,400.00

Malay Das reflects on nature through mystic impressionist landscapes. His series of work captures a sublime and alien like stillness of the wilderness. He employs his uncomplicated drawing and small, subtle brushstrokes to leave the viewers in state of deep contemplation. Malay believes that a simple pathway through a forest, some long standing trees and gradual change in shades teach us more about the meditating effects of nature than any other guru.


Landscape Painting, Nature, Trees, Forest


Acrylic on canvas


Cool colors, Dark tones






Malay Das , Original work 2020

About The Artist

Malay Das is an artist based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He uses water colors and several acrylic washes to render a mystic effect in his impressionistic paintings. He takes inspiration from music and the natural world to reflect on the complicated dynamics of man and nature.He is a favorite with collectors at Roymans Art in London and Kolkata, with appreciation for his work in Russia,Thai- land, Singapore, Australia, Canada and France.


The work comes with a certificate of authentication signed by the artist and the founder of Art Collection.

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