Soul Within II

Rs. 65,520.00

The series of artworks by Debashish Chakraborty is an ambitious depiction of some of the many mysteries of the universe. It is not, therefore, coincidental that he turned to geometry to pacify his curious nature. So many things that make us humans are still unanswered phenomena. Imagination and creativity, future planning, or just the simple rise of a random thought are all the mysteries of nature. The artist urges you to immerse yourself and explore within.


Abstract, Portrait Painting


Acrylic on canvas


Cool colors, Warm colors, Dark tones






Debashish Chakraborty, Original work 2020

About The Artist

A monologue of decadent times, Debashish Chakraborty's works speak for themselves. Born in 1962, art has been a part of his life since the beginning. He is an alumnus of Indian Art College and also holds a diploma in Art Appreciation. He has exhibited his works in numerous solo and group shows, some in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Germany. He contnues to hone his work from his studio in Kolkata.


The work comes with a certificate of authentication signed by the artist and the founder of Art Collection.

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